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Got Mold? We Can Fix That

Mold Testing In Sarasota

Most infestations can cause many problems. It can cause a variety of health issues and lower the value of your real estate property. The issue can be an ongoing problem if it is not taken care of as soon as possible. We can perform a mold inspection on your property accurately and fast. We have the expertise to detect if spores are present. If you are wondering what to expect when a mold inspection is performed, we will help you understand this question in more detail below.

Indoor Air Mold Testing Service

indoor air quality testing

Mold testing offers a second method for detecting mold. Mold inspections are the first step you take in detecting mold, but it is not always conclusive. The interior surface of your property needs to be examined. This second method will give you the well being of knowing if there is a mold problem within your property.

By using specialized mold testing kits for testing the air, you will uncover a problem if there is one to be found. You will sample the air at different points in your home or property by using the kits to trap airborne mold spores if they are present. If there is mold to be found, we will find it by using different trapping designs. The traps will be collect after sitting for a period of time in your home or property.

Mold Remediation Equipment


We offer you the most advanced inspection process that is possible to perform by using the latest mold detection equipment available. Some of the mold detection equipment that we use include; laser thermometers to confirm that HVAC systems are working correctly, meters for measuring moisture levels in the air, and horoscopes to inspect visually the interior of walls and ceiling on your property. If mold is present, we will locate the problem and eliminate it.

Outdoor Air Mold Testing


To get a baseline reading, the outside air will be tested around your home or property. If the higher concentration of mold spores is outdoors, it is more than likely that some of these spores made their way inside your home. If this is the case, then this will tell us that your outside property is not where the source of the problem is coming from. Now, if your air spore counts inside are greater than outside, this tells you that the mold is coming from somewhere inside your home.

Surface Mold Testing


We have a variety of other techniques that we can offer you if your property needs it. These other techniques include; bio tape that covers a much larger area of testing, carpet cassettes to test your flooring to see how safe it is, and several other sampling methods.

It is critical to know the type of mold that you are dealing with in your home or property. Some molds have dangerously serious health risks while others do not. If during our visual inspection mold was detected, we will use swabs and scrapings of the surface material to send off to the lab for testing. The testing also helps with the remediation of the mold effectively if it is necessary to do so.

Mold Remediation Experts In Sarasota

Is mold growing inside your home or property? Have you discovered mold after a mold inspection was done, and mold testing was also used? If your answer is yes, then you need remediation services done by a professional who knows their mold. We can provide a successful remediation by disinfecting and discarding surfaces in a safe, effective and fast way. Don’t do it yourself and risk your health! Mold can cause serious allergic reactions and health issues. The following process will restore your property back to its original state. We have the experience and commitment to get the job done right.

Here's Our Solution

The first thing is to find the root of the mold growth and fix it. If you have a mold problem, this means there is a moisture problem also. Air ducts sometimes have too much humidity causing moisture that in turn causes mold to grow. Leaking water lines also are a cause of mold growth. We will look for the underlying cause and remedy it at once by searching your property thoroughly. By doing this, we are ensuring the mold will not return once it is cleared away.

We Can Contain It

To protect your health, it is very important to contain the area that needs to be remediation. To make sure while we are cleaning up that the mold spores don’t spread, we will seal off the site that must be treated.

Is Cleaning Properly Really A Concern?

Yes, when cleaning the mold spores are released into the air at a higher rate. But you can be at peace knowing that we will take all the necessary precautions, which the rest of the areas that are not being treated will not be contaminated.

How We Will Dispose Of It

A thorough mold inspection will decide what certain surfaces need to be thrown out because they can’t be cleaned off the overgrown mold. Some things that might need to be discarded include water damaged surfaces caused by a big water leak, or drywall that is infested or soggy. This will be carefully extracted, bagged, and sealed before they are disposed of so the mold spores will not spread.

We Disinfect The Site

Our technicians will thoroughly clean the rest of the surfaces with products that will remove the mold and disinfect at the same time. We will work hard to extract all of the molds that are present in your home or property.

We Remove Remaining Moisture

Structural drying after the clean up is very important. We have the equipment to do the job the right way. Using industrial fans will quickly eliminate the excess moisture so mold will not start growing back once again.

We Do Full Restoration

We will restore your property back to it original state. If we disposed of something during the remediation process, for example, the drywall, we will repair any wall sections that were cut and make it look like new.

We are committed to working diligently to remove this harmful organism from your home or property to ensure nothing is compromised. We handle many mold remediation cases having impressive results and outcomes. Your health is important to us because we know mold spores can cause serious health consequences when inhaled by humans or pets. You will never need to worry about us handling your mold remediation process.

Our experienced technicians are the best in the field possessing all of the necessary state and local licenses, certifications, and insurance required to do the job right. We will complete the job effectively with our state of the art equipment. Your property will be restored back to normal, and we have the means to deliver these results better than any other company.

Rid your Sarasota home, business, or other property of mold for once and for all by contacting us today!

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